Sometime afterwards, Rukia shows up during the Urahara Shop, irate that Kisuke has not answered her calls

He apologizes, proclaiming that they are hectic while the store enjoys tend to been leftover blank. [47] Rukia asks about the Quincy, which unexpected situations him. Stating he has maybe not heard of him or her for some time, the guy continues to disclose the record so you can Rukia. [48] [49] [50] Once seeing this new increasing amount of Hollows searching into the Karakura Area, Rukia rushes from, and you can Urahara goes into to attend to almost every other providers. [51] Using pair towards store, Urahara informs them just what has been going on, covers the power that awoken contained in this them, and you can shows you the link with Ichigo. [52]

Seeking convenience their fears and you may stress, Urahara states they own a choice now in which you will find nothing, and it is as much as them to like to work or perhaps not. He’s disturbed because of the Tessai, exactly who states this new Kuumon has started its overlap, noting the latest arrangements is actually done. Urahara requires Orihime and you will Sado in the future collectively, as he would like to show them the country he is throughout the to go into in addition to foes they have to endeavor. [53] Through to the arrival, Urahara instructs Ichigo to focus on the fresh Gillian-Group Menos Grande that is no more than to make its means through the split regarding the air. [54] [55] Because the Rukia tries to help, Urahara stops the lady disturbance that have a joining spell, advising this lady the fight would-be crucial that you they both. [56] Adopting the competition, Urahara requires Tessai to fix the brand new break about air. [57]

Urahara gets him a way to head to Heart Neighborhood around you to condition: he have to instruct which have him getting 10 weeks to battle safely

A day later, Yoruichi visits Urahara, and they talk about the Shinigami going after Rukia. [58] If Shinigami just be sure to capture Rukia, Urahara frees Ichigo’s Shinigami form regarding their human body therefore he can fight Rukia’s pursuers, plus the procedure tell you Ichigo just how absolutely nothing a spin the guy keeps in fighting up against them. [59] [60] Following the Ichigo’s overcome, Urahara mends one another Uryu Ishida and Ichigo, taking Ichigo in order to his store due to the the total amount of his wounds. Urahara hits an enthusiastic looking forward Ichigo on the surface, claiming if the guy would be to go in his newest standing, Ichigo will be as a good while the deceased. The guy then notes by using their newest skill, the guy won’t remain a spin within the Soul Neighborhood. Urahara claims Soul Area commonly gets a single month sophistication months prior to carrying out executions. He notes it takes ten weeks to apply him and a much deeper 7 days to open up the door to Spirit Neighborhood, offering Ichigo 13 days inside Spirit Area to keep Rukia. [61] He offers Ichigo a different sort of medication so you’re able to rapidly restore his wounds. [62]

When Orihime Inoue collapses once playing with the lady newly awakened Shun Ignore Rikka, Urahara happens with the world which have Tessai, who’s holding Yasutora Sado

The next day, the fully healed Ichigo initiate their education having Urahara, exactly who takes him towards training urban area underneath their store. Urahara, separating Ichigo’s soul of their looks, possess Ururu race your very Ichigo normally regain some of their rate. [63] [64] After Ichigo tickets so it, Urahara have Tessai block Ichigo’s Soul Chain and you will sends them for the a big hole in the crushed that automate Ichigo’s Encroachment, pushing Ichigo so you’re able to reacquire their Shinigami powers prior to he will get an excellent Hollow. [65] [66] 3 days later, he, Jinta, and you may Ururu watch given that Ichigo starts to change towards the a hollow, as they are surprised at the level of resistance he has. [67] Just after Ichigo awakens his Shinigami vitality, Urahara initiate his 3rd take to, that is in order to hit Urahara’s hat out of his head. [68]