Our next forecast is your matchmaking anywhere between nervousness sensitiveness and you may O-C attacks will be mediated of the metacognition

I longer such conclusions appearing one to nervousness awareness is a significant predictor of trait nervousness and state nervousness, which metacognition try a more powerful intermediary when comparing to trait and you can condition stress on the dating anywhere between anxiety susceptibility and you can O-C periods

Results revealed that the total effect of anxiety sensitivity on O-C symptoms was significant (.49, se = .12, t = 7.01, p < .001, LCI = .61, UCI = 1.09), but was reduced to a non-significant level once the mediators were included (.05, se = .14, t = .70, p = .48, LCI = -.17, UCI = .37). Of the mediators analysed (Fig. 1), metacognition had the strongest indirect effect on O-C symptoms (.39, se = .07, LCI = .19, UCI = .45, p < .001). Trait anxiety also had a significant indirect effect (.22, se = .20, LCI = .08, UCI = .85, p < .05), whereas the indirect effect of state anxiety was not significant (.14, se = .19, LCI = -.07, UCI = .67, p = .11). Results of the contrast between these mediators revealed that metacognition was significantly different than state anxiety (.19, se = .09, LCI = ?.37, UCI = -.02; but not significantly different to trait anxiety (.14, se = .09, LCI = -.34, UCI = .03). The contrast between trait anxiety and state anxiety was not significant (?.05, se = .09, LCI = -.23, UCI = .13). Finally, gender had no significant effects on any of the variables (all ps > .12), and age only had a significant effect on O-C symptoms (? = ? .14, p < .05), suggesting that O-C symptoms diminish with age (all other p > .20). These results suggest that the effect of anxiety sensitivity on O-C symptoms is fully mediated by the levels of metacognition and trait anxiety to a lesser extent Footnote 1 .


We predict one to degrees of O-C symptoms is influenced by levels of stress sensitiveness, feature escort reviews Montgomery AL anxiety, condition stress, and amounts of metacognition. The outcome served which forecast because the the variables studied shown solid and you may high correlations. As well, today’s analysis including affirmed a primary relationships between stress awareness and you may O-C episodes inside the a non-health-related population, having high amounts of nervousness sensitiveness anticipating higher quantities of O-C attacks . Anxiety awareness is actually recommended since a cognitive risk factor to have OCD; such as for example, people who have highest anxiety awareness consider unpleasant system feelings because an excellent indication of problems . Likewise, anxiety sensitivity was also highlighted once the a cognitive exposure foundation to possess anxiety . These performance offer previous results appearing a powerful relationship anywhere between accounts away from nervousness sensitiveness and you can amounts of O-C periods, hence that it dating is present for the a low-logical decide to try .

There clearly was service for it forecast since the prior findings indicated that metacognitive philosophy anticipate many different issues for example health stress , OCD , and you will depression . At the same time, past results indicated that metacognition mediated the connection ranging from characteristic stress and you can O-C symptoms . Even in the event O-C attacks have been coordinated having feature anxiety and you will condition stress, the relationship with O-C symptoms was decreased when metacognition is actually taken into consideration.

This pattern off overall performance suggest that stress associated feelings can increase and keep their impact on O-C attacks through metacognitive beliefs. The conclusions of the research also stress the importance of metacognition regarding matchmaking anywhere between anxiety sensitiveness and you can O-C periods past the end result out-of condition and attribute anxiety. Our very own analyses showed that most of the details was basically extreme predictors from O-C attacks whenever taken separately but once contrasting this type of parameters when you look at the a simultaneous investigation, metacognition are the best mediator regarding O-C episodes.